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Where’s My Baby

In this book, readers will learn that the author was young when she got pregnant. She was anxious and excited. However, after giving birth, she was deeply crushed when she learned that her baby did not make it. Years passed and she kept on longing for her first-born. One day, her cousin opened her eyes to a possible truth—that the hospital may have given her wrong information and that her baby might still be alive. There are several documents that support her theory. This release is her call for her child—a child she thought was long dead.

“I believe that I need to reach out to other women who are going through the same thing, not knowing where their baby is. I also hope and pray that somewhere out there my baby will recognize who he or she really is. This is very sad to realize that someone actually stole your baby. I hope that this will open the readers’ eyes to know that this can happen to anyone. I was innocent and naive. I would definitely fight for my right today. I wish my baby will find me through this book.”